Ein Schloss auf einem Felsen im Wald, bei Schnee
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Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau


Science in Germany

In Germany, people like to tinker, design and build things: Nowhere in the EU more patents are registered than in Germany. This is encouraged not least by the many prominent examples from the past: Book printing, quantum theory, aspirin and an astonishing number of vehicles. The bicycle (Karl von Sauerbronn | 1816), the car (Karl Benz | 1885) and the helicopter (Heinrich Focke | 1936) all originated in Germany.

The Facts

Population 82,114,224
Area 357,114 km²
Gross domestic product per capita in US-Dollar 47,787.2
Public expenditure on education (share of GDP) 4.2 %
Share of female researchers 27.9 %
Universities 459
Universities per 1 million inhabitants 5.60
Students 3,296,249
Expenditure on Research and Development (share of GDP) 3.1 (share of GDP)
Patent applications 21,198

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